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Site Reliability Engineer

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I am a husband, father, Site Reliability Engineer and proud Indiana University alumni. I also enjoy making sourdough bread .

My Skills.


Site Reliability Engineering

Building scalable, reliable and performant infrastructure and operations solutions. A good day for me is building tools that help developers and operation engineers excel in their work and return home ontime to their families.


Product Management

I discovered product management during my MBA program at Indiana University. Since learning I have the passion to build, I have been fortunate to have worked on products that have reduced processing times from weeks to minutes, generated millions ($USD) in savings, and changed the way people work.


Engineering Management

There are not many activities I find more fulfulling than to empower individuals and to see them rise to levels of excellence never thought possible. I am extremely blessed to have not just build products, but teams as well.


Bread Maker

Four, Salt, Water, Yeast. Four humble ingredients that take a lifetime to master. Bread making has taught me that the journey of mastery takes time, patience, and must not be rushed, but embraced.

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